In April 2021, KYKY launched a new ZQJ-3200 helium leak detector, which is compact, multifuctional, stable and reliable, with a wide range of applications, suitable for scientific research, aerospace, industry, coating, semiconductors and other vacuum leak detection applications.

High sensitivity and stable performance.
ZQJ-3200 helium leak detector combines world-class vacuum system, mass spectrometry technology and software technology, with the features as high detection sensitivity, in vacuum mode the smallest detectable leakage rate of 5×10-13Pa-m3/s, in sniffing mode the smallest detectable rate 5×10-10Pa-m3/s, leakage coverage of 12 magnitude; Detection pressure is high up to 2500Pa, large leakage mode leak detection maximum pressure up to 10000 Pa, and can qualitatively detect leakage; Stable and reliable, the mass spectrometry room is equipped with two independent zirconium oxide filaments, effectively prolonging the leak detection failure-free cycle, and through the control screen automatically switch and query the use time of filaments.

Strong helium removal capability to improve leak detection efficiency
In the helium leak detection, if large leakage or fast cycle will the residual helium in the leak detector not be cleaned in time, the background value will be too high. The ZQJ-3200 series leak detector is equipped with a powerful pumping system with a leak detector pumping speed of up to 2.5 L/s to helium gas, which meets the need for fast leak detection, and provides excellent helium and base suppression in high helium concentration environments, making faster testing and more stable background.

Multiple interfaces and AI interaction.
With the development of AI and industrial Internet technology, the rapid progress and maturity of product hardware computing power, software algorithms and solutions, to design more friendly human-computer interaction systems and improve the experience of product use are important factors in product design. The ZQJ-3200 helium mass spectrometry leak detector is designed with removable control panel, which makes leak detection testing of medium and large components convenient. Users can program the process according to their usage habits, which improves the convenience of operation. Integrated SD card supports data download, convenient for the storage and analysis of leak detection data;the complete I/O, RS232 and network communication interfaces, easy for communication with the distribution network.

Post time: May-14-2021