• Turbo Molecular Pump

    The Turbo Molecular Pump FF-63/80E with integrated Drive module is a high-performance vacuum pump used in various applications such as semiconductor processing, surface analysis, and research. The pump is designed to create high vacuum conditions by utilizing a combination of high-speed rotation ...
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  • What is the pump station

    The pump station is a device and engineering called pump and pump station engineering that can provide hydraulic power and pneumatic power with a certain pressure and flow. The general name of the water inlet, water outlet, pump house and other buildings of the drainage and irrigation pump statio...
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  • What is a vacuum pump used for?

    What are the uses and functions of the vacuum pump The function of the vacuum pump is to remove gas molecules from the vacuum chamber, reduce the gas pressure in the vacuum chamber, and make it reach the required vacuum degree. Specific applications: Vacuum pumps are widely used in petrochemical,...
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  • The secret of gradient color on the back panel of phone

    The secret of gradient color on the back panel of phone

    Smartphones are becoming more and more difficult to innovate or break through functionally. So manufacturers began to see how to make the appearance different. In the first half of 2018, Huawei unveiled the Huawei P20 Pro, which features a gradient design. This feeling of bridal brim is very plea...
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  • From Dewar Vessel to Vacuum Glass

    From Dewar Vessel to Vacuum Glass

    Origin of Vacuum glass When it comes to vacuum glass, we have to mention the Devar vessel, which is commonly used in the home as a kind of devar vessel. What does vacuum glass have to do with devar vessel? First let's look at the principle of the devar vessel. In 1892 Ja...
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  • The 16th International Vacuum Exhibition

    The 16th International Vacuum Exhibition

    On May 26, 2021, the 16th International Vacuum Exhibition was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing, and was co-organized by the China Vacuum Society and the China General Machinery and Vacuum Equipment Industry Association. Mr. Zhang Yongming, vice president of the China Vacuum Socie...
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  • Turbomolecular pump in Crystal oscillators

    Turbomolecular pump in Crystal oscillators

    Crystal oscillator is commonly used clock components in circuits, its main role is to provide the reference frequency to graphics cards, network cards, motherboard and other parts of the components, widely used in information devices, mobile terminals, smart wear, Internet of Things and other fie...
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  • New_arrival-ZQJ-3200


    In April 2021, KYKY launched a new ZQJ-3200 helium leak detector, which is compact, multifuctional, stable and reliable, with a wide range of applications, suitable for scientific research, aerospace, industry, coating, semiconductors and other vacuum leak detection applications. High sensitivity...
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