Turbo Molecular Pump

The Turbo Molecular Pump FF-63/80E with integrated Drive module is a high-performance vacuum pump used in various applications such as semiconductor processing, surface analysis, and research. The pump is designed to create high vacuum conditions by utilizing a combination of high-speed rotation and molecular drag.

The integrated drive module is a component that provides power to the pump and controls its speed. The water/air cooling system helps to dissipate the heat generated during operation and keep the pump running at optimal temperatures. The grease lubrication system ensures that the moving parts of the pump are adequately lubricated for smooth operation and to prevent wear and tear.

Some of the features of the FF-63/80E include a pumping speed of up to 82 l/s for nitrogen gas, a maximum rotational speed of 72,000 RPM, and a low base pressure of 8×10^-7 Pa. The pump is also compact and has a low vibration level, making it suitable for use in space-constrained environments.

Overall, the Turbo Molecular Pump FF-63/80E with integrated Drive module, Water/Air cooling, Grease lubrication is a highly efficient and reliable vacuum pump that can be used in a wide range of vacuum applications.

Post time: Mar-01-2023