Pump station FJ-620 with RV-6 and ZDF-11B5

Short Description:

FJ-620  standard Pump Station is an cleaning equipment to obtain high vacuum.
Such equipment is a vacuum obtaining system adopting the principle of vacuum, and consists of mechanical pump and molecular pump. It is featured by quick starting, high vacuum, few oil pollution, easy operation and etc and widely used in the fields of surface analysis, accelerator technology ,plasma technology, electric vacuum device manufacturing and other vacuum areas. The equipment is specifically composed of non-standard frame, mechanical pump and pipelines , electrical control systems, water cooling protection control and etc

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Name Number
F-160/620 molecular pump and power supply 1
RV-6 mechanical pump 1
Frame 1
Control power supply 1
ZDF-11B5 combination vacuum gauge 1
Other attachments

Main Parameters:

Leaking rate of vacuum system: ≤ 1×10-9Pa·m3/S
Power supply voltage: 380V±10/50Hz
Cooling mode: air or water cooling
Ambient temperature for equipment utilization: 5-40℃
Ambient humidity for equipment utilization: ≤ 80%


Unit FJ-620
Flange(In) DN150 CF
Flange(Out) ISO-KF DN40
Pumping Speed l/s N2:600
Compression Ratio N2:109
Ultimate Pressure Pa CF:5×10-5
recommended forevacuum pressure Pa 100
forevacuum pump RV-6( default )
Cooling Type,Standard Air or water
Cooling Water Consumpyion L/min >1
Cooling Water Temperature ≤25
Input voltage/ frequency V/Hz 380±20/50
Environment temperature (℃) Water cooling 5℃-40℃
Air cooling 5℃-32℃
mounting position Vertical
Controller Model TCDP-Ⅱ
L*W*H mm 550×690×956(LF)
Weight kg 117

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