Turbo Molecular Pump, F-400/3500B, Water cooling, Oil lubrication

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KYKY developed the oil lubrication turbo pumps of compact and high-performance with advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, flexible installation, wide application range and stable performance.

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This series of pump is good at performance under harsh environmental (high temperature, dust, etc.), stable in performance and with long service life, and simple maintenance and convenient operation as well.


Main applications are in industrial leak detection, PVD, CVD, ion implantation, vacuum electronic components manufacturing, low-E glass, ITO glass, optical coating, solar cells, electron beam welding, vacuum furnace and other industries


Flange(In)  DN400 ISO-K Gas Throughout (sccm) N2:5500
Flange(Out) KF DN100 He:4000
Pumping Speed( L/s) N2:3500 H2:3200
He:2650 Ar:2100
H2:1280 Rotation Speed ( rpm) 13500
Ar:3200 Run-Up Time(min) ≤18
Compression Ratio N2:108 Cooling Type,Standard Water
He:103 Cooling Water Consumption ( L/min) ≥1
H2:102 Cooling Water Temperature(℃) ≤25
Ar:108 Power Connection:Voltage (V AC) DC24/AC220
Ultimated Pressure(Pa) 6×10-6 Max.Power Consumption (W) ≤1100
Max. Continuous Fore-vacuum pressure(Pa) 100 Controller Model FD-III
Max. Fore-vacuum Pressure N2:300 Weight (kgs) 130

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