Compound Vacuum Gauge, ZDF-11B5, 10E5 to 10E-5 Pa, Rs-485(Modbus-RTU)

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Model ZDF-11A2 compound vacuum gauge composed of low and high vacuum measuring units can achieve the continuous measurement and control for 1×10E51×10E-5Pa with accuracy ±1%, 4 loops and with Rs485(Modbus-RTU) interface. 

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The ZDF-11B5 can be set in manual or automatic mode according to the actual operation requirements.

This type of vacuum gauge, with advantages of convenient and flexible control, long up-time, stability, reliability and strong anti-jam capability,   In the R&D and industrial production field, this type of vacuum gauge has a good preference.


Compound vacuum gauge ZDF-11B5
Measured loop 2,(Resistance gauge and ionization gauge each)
Type of gauge ZJ-52T resistance gauge
ZJ-27ionization gauge
Controlled loops 4
Measured range 1.0×105Pa1.0×10-5Pa
Controlled range 1.0×105Pa1.0×10-5Pa
Accuracy ±1
Control mode: On or off relay control, Control point load: AC220V/3A DC28V/10A (non-inductive load), Jog or regional control/with power off memory
Sampling interval 1S
Display Five-digits LED display, e.g.: 1.2E-1 refers to 1.2×10-1Pa
Power consumption:50W
Interface 0-5V , Rs485 ( Modbus-RTU)
External control of Ionization gauge Passive Swith
Power supply AC 220V±10% 50Hzm 45W
Operation temperature 0℃~45
Humidity ≦85
Dimension( W*H*D) 480×88×280 mm
Weight 4Kg

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